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Below you will find a list of our designated teacher trainers and the coursework they offer.

Teacher Trainers

Orton-Gillingham Academy (OGA)
Contact: Alicia Sartori,
Tel: 845-373-8919
Coursework Information

International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council, (IMSLEC)
Contact: Jana Jones,
Tel: 903-413-0237
Coursework Information

Wilson Language Training Non-profit Partners
Dr. Paul Tortolani at Wilson Language Training
Tel: 215-571-3851
Contact: Dr. Lori Severino,
Drexel University School of Education,
Coursework Information

Stern Center for Language and Learning, Building Blocks for Literacy or MINDPLAY
Contact: SJ Larkspur,
Coursework Information

The Slingerland Institute For Literacy
Contact: Elyce Newton
Tel: 425) 453-1190
Coursework Information

Top Ten Tools
Contact: Mary Dahlgren, Ed.D.,Founder and President
Coursework Information

The Reading League
Contact: Heidi Beverene-Curry
Coursework Information

Keys to Literacy
Contact: Lisa Klein
Coursework Information

Reading Simplified Academy
Coursework Information