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International Multisensory Structured Language Education Counsel (IMSLEC)

Teaching Level
Bachelor’s Degree
Course Work – 45 clock-hours
Practicum – 60 clock hours and 5 observations
Graduates: Dyslexia Specialists, Dyslexia Teachers

Instructor of Teaching Level
Bachelor’s Degree
Graduate of Teaching or Therapy Level
600 hours (2 years) of clinical teaching experience
Course Work – 90 clock hours (beyond the Teaching Level)
Graduate: Instructor of Teaching

Therapy Level
Master’s degree
Course Work – 200 clock hours
Practicum – One of the following models may be used:
700 clock hours and 10 observations
500 clock hours and 15 observation
Graduates: Dyslexia Specialists, Dyslexia Therapists.

Instructor of Therapy Level
Master’s Degree
Graduate of Therapy Level
1400 hours of clinical therapy experience
Course Work- 200 clock hours (beyond the Therapy Level)
Graduate: Instructors of Therapy