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Reading Simplified Academy

The Reading Simplified Academy is an online training center and community that teachers move through at their own pace. Teachers learn how to streamline their instruction while accelerating their readers’ achievement through a research-based, comprehensive lesson plan model.

Reading Simplified Academy Highlights:

  • An online video training Main Course of 8 to 10 hours to learn the Reading Simplified system
  • Hundreds of differentiated student materials, including decodable texts, for each of 4 levels of readers: K, 1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th
  • Ongoing weekday support from Dr. Ginsberg and a team of other literacy specialists inside the online discussion board (aka Teachers’ Lounge). Teachers reflect on their learning journey, get answers to questions, and are helped to situate the Reading Simplified to their unique context.
  • Over 30 advanced 1-hour workshops for à la carte deeper professional learning
  • Learn how phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding strategies, spelling, and fluency are built together through activities that integrate reading sub-skills simultaneously
  • Discover how to choose activities that target the skills your students need next
  • Quizzes to ensure mastery of key content from each unit
  • Units dedicated to differentiation and extension activities teach ways to meet your students’ specific needs and support your students’ learning beyond the small group setting