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Boon: A Fundraising Platform For Free Low Income And Minority Tutorial-Interventions, And Teacher Training Scholarships

Boon is the nationwide education nonprofit that helps all students – including dyslexics – by funding teacher training in structured language instruction methods based on the science of reading.

By joining us and contributing to our Donor-Funded Scholarship Program, you are part of a national community of like-minded education donors, teachers, parents, and concerned citizens who believe reading effectively is a critical gateway skill that gives access to enhanced knowledge and stronger communication skills, essential to a student’s ability to participate in the 21st century workplace.

Only Boon enables many average donations to have an outsized impact through matching gifts and best-in-class teacher training partnerships.

View video by Lynette Bright, Boon Scholarship Recipient.

Why Give To Boon?

  • Gifts from $5-$1,000 are matched by other major donors that want your small gift to have outsized impact. All donations (100%) made to the Boon Donor-funded Scholarship annual campaign are used to fund scholarships through our training partners.
  • Donors with gifts of all sizes can participate in nationwide, large-scale, coordinated annual giving that secures ongoing financial resources for teacher training scholarships. A nationwide donor base can raise far more money than ad hoc local or single organization campaigns.
  • Pooled gifts add strength, influence, and leadership to our collective and proactive approach to funding pre-designated teacher training organizations.
  • Boon’s leadership has over 85 years of experience in making significant charitable gifts to nonprofit organizations.
  • Our scholarship recipients impact hundreds – even thousands – of students across their careers, so your gift is impacting more than just a few students.
  • Through partnering with known and respected partner organizations across the US, not only can scale be achieved, but the best practices surrounding the science of reading can then continue to gain more traction within the education community and beyond.
  • We know and trust the organizations and professionals we fund, and we monitor their progress. Each training organization has a proven track record and documented success with past and current scholarship training.
  • Impact for students is assured with scholarship recipients vetted for their dedication to help their students reach grade level reading skills. Boon’s partners will ensure teachers meet the requirements of each level of training.
  • Our scale ensures scholarship funding is sustained, to ensure an ongoing impact. Boon conducts ongoing research and analysis, to ensure we are continuing to refine our work, and make an impact on the reading crisis.