Training Teachers to Teach Reading

An effectively trained teacher can impact the reading performance of 6000 students over a teacher’s career. But, training teachers in the science of reading is expensive, and most teachers can not afford the training they need.

That’s why, at Boon, we’re focused on providing scholarships to ensure that teachers receive the training they need to be effective in teaching students to read. Boon’s fundraising and scholarship grant platform helps reduce or eliminate the tuition expense, providing training at best-in-class organizations across America.

Students require teachers trained in the science of reading and structured language instruction methods to achieve grade level reading skills. Only a small percentage of the 3 million teachers in public education have the necessary knowledge: phonology and phonological awareness, sound-symbol and symbol-sound association, syllable instruction, morphology, syntax, semantics, and reading fluency.

Boon’s teacher training partners work across all levels – from early childhood to high school. They have a history of effectively training teachers in early literacy, pre-reading environments, teachers in grades 1-3 classrooms when student grade proficiency is most critical, and teachers working grades 4-12 where students who have fallen behind need to catch up.

Training Opportunities and Scholarships

The education system generally fails to offer future teachers appropriate training. As a nation-wide education non-profit, Boon supports dedicated teachers determined to see their students succeed by connecting teachers to the finest professional learning organizations in the United States. Boon has well-established direct service partnerships and collaborations with our expert reading trainers.

The cost of tuition for training can be a significant barrier. Some courses can cost 5% of a teacher’s salary. Funds for training through the Boon Donor-Funded Scholarship Program are provided by individual gifts matched by major donors to have outsized impact.

Why Boon?

  • Our scholarships train teachers immediately 
  • Our best-in-class trainers get results
  • Training in structured language instruction methods is generally not available within the system
  • The training provided is effective and sustainable
  • Read what our scholarship recipients are saying

Our Partners in Teacher Training