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NoticeAbility: Strength-based curricula for students with dyslexia focused on social-emotional learning and executive functioning in a pre-professional context.

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NoticeAbility Instructor Training (2-hour asynchronous online learning, 20-hour optional synchronous practicum)

Professional development instruction for middle school teachers interested in a strength-based approach to students with dyslexia.

The training offers instruction in the following areas:

Social-Emotional Learning, Executive Functioning Instruction, Neuroscience of Dyslexia, Universal Design Learning, Pedagogical Techniques for Practicum of NoticeAbility Curricula

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Practicum Options

Entrepreneurs & Innovators (20 hours)

NoticeAbility’s Entrepreneurs & Innovators curriculum explores the fundamental tenets of entrepreneurship through a project-based, experiential lens. Students produce a business plan and create a presentation and pitch for the business they design.

Engineering & Architecture (20 hours)

NoticeAbility’s Engineering & Architecture course explores the fundamental tenets of residential and landscape architecture, civil engineering, and 3D computer rendering through a project-based, experiential lens. Students produce a computer-generated settlement or a unique biome.

Consenses Arts (20 hours)

NoticeAbility’s Consenses Arts course explores perspective-taking and artistic creativity. Students work on a series of prompts from each other’s work and explore expression through drawing, movement, poetry, sculpture, photography, and music.