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NoticeAbility: Boon seeks to end the reading crisis by giving all students reading instruction to become effective and successful readers for life. Boon collaborates with NoticeAbility by facilitating teacher training in the science of reading, diagnostic services, and tutorial support for NoticeAbility students in reading development.

Center for READing: Boon Philanthropy and the Center for Research, Evaluation, and Awareness of Dyslexia (Center for READing) are proud to collaborate to help end our nation’s reading crisis. The Center for READing offers science-based evaluations for identifying dyslexia and attentional difficulties. Its evaluations are designed to thoroughly assess reading and attentional issues, including a review of the examinee’s developmental and medical history, an auditory threshold screening, reading and spelling assessments, a test of attention and impulse control, a measure of intellectual functioning, and ratings of relevant social-emotional behavior. Evaluative services are offered onsite at its university-based center and remotely via an online platform. 

The Global Investment Foundation (GIFT). Boon works alongside GIFT to support their ZERO TO THREE initiatives, and their vision for a global “society that has the knowledge and will to support all infants and toddlers in reaching their full potential.”

ZERO TO THREE plays a key role in ensuring that babies and toddlers get a strong start in life by supporting parents with practical resources that help them connect more positively, deeply and continuously with their babies, and equipping professionals with knowledge and tools that help them support healthy early development.

Boon is a strong advocate for early literacy, and funds scholarships for pre-reading skills development, directed at childcare providers and parents through Building Blocks for Literacy at the Stern Center for Language and Learning. 

The Dyslexia Achievement Foundation: is proud to collaborate with Boon Philanthropy in their Tutorial-Intervention Program to provide scholarship funding to students who might otherwise fail to acquire grade level reading skills. Tutorial- intervention services based on the science of reading, delivered by highly trained educators, have been proven time and time again to deliver amazing results for students struggling to read effectively both in the areas of their overall reading skills and social-emotional wellbeing.

The unfortunate reality is that many students present with significant financial and/or geographic barriers that do not allow them to access these types of intervention services. Boon’s Tutorial-Intervention Program is dedicated to providing this high level of instruction to students regardless of their ability to pay. In addition, services are provided remotely, which removes any geographic or location challenges that might hinder a student’s ability to participate.

These focus areas directly intersect with the mission and purpose of the Dyslexia Achievement Foundation and make our team excited to be a part of Boon’s mission to grow the impact of their Tutorial-Intervention Program in the months and years to come.