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Orton-Gillingham Academy

Course Levels


Prerequisite: n/a
Course Work: 6 hours
Practicum: n/a

Orton-Gillingham Classroom Educator, OGCA/OGA
Prerequisite: Bachelor’s Degree
Course Work: 30 hours (minimum) by a Fellow or by a Fellow-in-Training (FIT) Practicum: 50 hours over 8 consecutive months; 5 observations

Associate Level (Options A or B), A/OGA
Prerequisite: Bachelor’s Degree
Course Work:60-70 hours, by a Fellow or by a Fellow-in-Training (FIT)
Practicum: 100 hours over 8 consecutive months (minimum), 10 observations

Certified Level, C/OGA
Prerequisite: Bachelor’s Degree; Associate Level
Course Work: 100 hours
Practicum:200 hours over 2 academic years; 10 entire observations

Fellow Level, F/OGA
Prerequisite: Master’ Degree, Certified Level membership, varied teaching experience
Course Work: 90 hours (20 hours of conference attendance can be applied)
Practicum: 300 hours of supervised practicum over 3 academic year; 10 observations
Graduates: Independent Practitioners qualified to train and supervise others in the OG Approach and to provide instruction for the dyslexic learner