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Boon is a platform for bringing broad, public donor support, for outsized impact and funding sustainability, to the critical task of training teachers in the science of reading to thereby end the reading crisis.

Specifically, Boon
  • Advocates and builds awareness about the reading crisis, and the ideal reading instruction that benefits ALL learners, including dyslexics.
  • Helps grow a national community of citizens who understand that reading is the gateway skill to academic, career, and life success in the 21st century.
  • Encourages informed donors to give online with a dollar-for-dollar match to fund teacher training scholarships.
  • Manages collaborations with our best-in-class teacher training allies that offer proven methods for teaching all children to read, even dyselxics.
  • Provides direct service scholarships with Boon’s teacher training consultants to offer training at for profit teacher training organizations.
  • Deploys training experts to strategic markets.
  • Shares knowledge and resources to guide teachers to obtain training that is immediately accessible and available, while reducing or eliminating the tuition expense.
  • Continues research to be the most informed, national education non-profit facilitator in the reading field.
  • Publishes VIM Magazine, a celebration of the importance and joy of reading that features teacher stories, galleries of art, profiles of students and families, meaningful books, and highlights exemplary organizations in the education field.