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Stern Center for Language and Learning

Building Blocks for Literacy® (10 hours)

A professional learning program for early care and education professionals to help ensure that our youngest learners ( birth to five) are prepared for literacy success when they enter kindergarten.

The course provides professional learning in the following areas:

Early Literacy Research, Language Development
Executive Function Development, Shared Book Reading (emphasizing vocabulary development), Phonological Awareness, Speech-to-Print (including alphabet knowledge)

Visit the Stern Center website for more information.


Mindplay: Comprehensive Reading Course for Educators (40-45 hours)

Coursework provides instruction in:

  • Phonology
  • Reading & Spelling Development
  • Phonics Fundamentals
  • Advanced Phonics Fluency
  • Grammar Vocabulary
  • Reading Comprehension

Visit the Stern Center website for more information.