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David P. Hurford

David P. Hurford, Ph.D. is a research scientist and professor of psychology and counseling at Pittsburg State University. He directs the Center for Research, Evaluation and Awareness of Dyslexia (Center for READing) and is the founder and manager of the Center for the Assessment and Remediation of Reading Difficulties (CARRD, Inc.) a nonprofit dedicated to assisting individuals with dyslexia and reading difficulties become competent readers.

Dr. Hurford’s research includes dyslexia, reading difficulties, attentional difficulties including ADHD and reading curriculum development. His early work involved developing identification procedures that accurately predicted reading failure. This line of research developed into intervention strategies to improve reading skills. His Secret Codes kindergarten reading curriculum is based on the Science of Reading and has shown effectiveness in reducing reading failure rates in schools that are using the curriculum. He authored and April Huninghake illustrated the I Have Dyslexia children’s books.

The Center for READing and CARRD, Inc. use his research-based identification and remediation strategies to provide high-quality and accurate assessments and successful interventions for children and adults who have dyslexia and reading difficulties.

Dr. Hurford is dedicated to educating the public, including parents, teachers, administrators and other professionals, to the nature of dyslexia. He is also dedicated to helping struggling readers to become competent readers.