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J. Sebastian Scripps, Co-founder

Sebastian Scripps is a co-founder of Boon. He has served on the boards of American Dance Festival of New York, Rectory School in Connecticut, and The Linden Hill School of Massachusetts. Mr. Scripps has established and served as a board member for several foundations, including Latchkey Foundation. He has extensive experience as an investor and director of both for-profit and philanthropic organizations. His special interest is to support opportunities that benefit the disadvantaged and those with learning differences.

In 2010, Mr. Scripps, as principal funder, worked with Sinclair Sherrill to organize a preliminary philanthropic project which led to establishing Boon in 2016. Their original targeted research made it possible to craft a unique, nation-wide, non profit mission for Boon. They began studying the reading and learning differences field, and expanded the research to include general education, including pre-kindergarten, early and elementary school education, legislation, and public funding for teacher training. Boon combines fundraising for average and major matching gifts for Boon’s Donor-Funded Scholarship program. Those funds train teachers with ten partners in reading instruction methods supported by the science of reading.

Mr. Scripps is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and founder of Sebastian Scripps Industrial Design. Mr. Scripps’ career spans design, engineering, development, and manufacturing for companies including Cuisinart, American Tourister, and Kodak.

Mr. Scripps is currently an “angel investor,” funding and promoting companies and startups that promise to benefit society and increase investor value. His current activities are hydro-kinetic energy production ( and passive insect identification and monitoring for agriculture and disease control ( Mr. Scripps has also invested in metals reclamation and exotic powders for additive manufacturing (