Our Mission


Boon funds scholarships that benefit individual teachers who seek professional learning in explicit, multi-sensory reading instruction methods.

  • Boon only funds our four primary designated grantee training organizations, listed below.

  • Training organizations are listed by state: Orton National Scholarship Trainers

  • Individuals that are interested in applying for a future scholarship are encouraged to contact one of these primary training organizations.
  • You may contact Boon to inform us of your interests, but please know that Boon is not involved in determining who receives scholarships.

Note: As of March 15th, 2018, Boon has not started awarding grants for scholarships. Our future funding will be a combination of Boon's matching grants and contributions from the general public. We are currently completing our fundraising registration in the 41 states that require it by law. We will start our annual campaign thereafter.

At present, we are in the preliminary phase of helping our designated grantee training organizations develop an efficient scholarship award process.