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Boon will, on a national scale, increase the number of teachers in Grades 1-12 who have explicit, multi-sensory literacy instruction skills. Boon will also work to increase the number of childcare and preschool teachers who can foster research-proven early literacy skills. This prepares children upstream of school, with follow up in Grades 1-12 that builds on their strengths. Our training solution is outside the systemic approach to teacher preparation and professional learning, and is offered through independent learning centers, professional organizations, and selected colleges and schools of education.


Increased funding can improve student success:

Orton National Teacher Scholarships:

Offer scholarships to school teachers who seek professional learning in explicit, multi-sensory literacy instruction methods aligned with National Reading Panel recommendations, Academy of Orton-Gillingham (AOGPE), International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC), Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA) and Wilson Language Training (WLT).

Rationale: Training through the networks of these national nonprofit organizations is generally unavailable in the education system's professional learning programs. Teacher trainers and teachers with this training could bring grade level reading success to the 46% of all learners that require it. This special training is provided by independent learning centers, professional organizations and selected colleges and schools of education.

Early Literacy:

Provide early reading instruction for children enrolled in child care programs and preschool.  We will accomplish this by training teachers to use simple, research-proven instruction methods that increase their background knowledge of literacy fundamentals to improve their use of all current reading curriculums.

Rationale: Students with better reading skills entering 1st grade can improve the success of the entire education system. We can improve the reading skills of almost 50% of our future students with early literacy instruction. Research studies show that children can learn deep reading fundamentals from well-trained childcare and preschool teachers ( Pending, privately funded)

Learning Differences Field:

Provide support to a network of organizations where there is no gap in evidence-based research to best teaching practices. In the LD field doctors, researchers, and teachers use every tool in their tool box to educate children in need.

Rationale: Experts in the LD field have known for over 60 years how to teach the most challenged learners how to read. Currently these masters are focused on students who are actually diagnosed with LD. With more funding and strategic collaboration, they can be a greater educational resource for all teachers.