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Boon’s core-funders have made venture grants to nonprofit organizations that need start-up funding to create new or innovative programs. We now seek to engage many new donors in this exciting, proactive strategy.

The Exploratory Grant Fund allows us to seek out, negotiate, and experiment with grantees, and to engage as early stage idea developers and investors in key programs that could be transformative for the organizations and, more importantly, for the populations they serve. While some of these philanthropic opportunities carry greater risk than a typical grant, their potential scale of impact outweighs the risk.

Some of our exploratory grant making has been in areas that support the strategic objectives described in the above three funds.  Much of it, however, has been in topically different areas of the education or LD fields—pilot research, assistive technology, blended learning, literacy for special populations, and mentoring for self-esteem and lifelong success are examples.  While such grants are not of national headline-grabbing size, they are enough to help small, promising programs achieve promotable results, without the program people having to spend all their time fundraising.